Eric Kim

David Alan Harvey Took My Picture At Magnum Days In Provincetown

Photo By David Allen Harvey

When I meet a famous photographer I like to hand them my camera and ask them to take my picture. Anyone can take a picture of someone famous but how many people have a picture of themselves shot by David Alan Harvey? At Magnum Days in Provincetown I managed to get 3 Magnum photographers and 3 workshop students to snap a pic of me and the results might surprise you! Hit the jump for all the pics.

Eric Kim Street Photography Workshop Scheduled In Stockholm

Eric Kim Introduction To Street Photography Workshop

Eric Kim will be holding his popular introduction to street photography workshop in Stockholm for October 29-30, 2014. The intimate two day workshop is limited to 6 participants and represents a rare chance for European fans to get a taste of the elusive art of street photography from one of the most popular voices in the medium. Hit the jump for all the details.

Vintage Eric Kim Shooting At Night With A Canon 5D

Vintage Eric Kim Shooting At Night With A Canaon 5D

Eric Kim is well known in the street photography world because of his popular website and long term dedication to workshops that bring the elusive art of street photography to people around the world. His trusty Leica MP is always loaded with Kodak Portra 400 but you may be surprised to know he started his street photography career with a Canon 5D DSLR! How has his shooting style and views on photography evolved over the years? Hit the jump and watch the video to find out!

Eric Kim Talks About Street Photography

Eric Kim Street Photographer

International street photographer and social media star Eric Kim sits down for a quick video interview where he talks about fear, photography books and why he takes pictures in the first place. He’s one of the nicest guys you’ll meet and his unbridled passion and dedication have contributed greatly to the popularity of street photography in recent the years. Hit the jump to check out the video.

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