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So I Spent $7000 Bucks On A Camera – My Better Late Than Never Leica M 240 Review For Street Photography

Leica M 240 Review Street Photography

I’m not a dentist, or a lawyer. I’m not a style conscious celebrity and I’m definitely not the wife of a wealthy Chinese industrialist. So why the heck did I spend $7000 bucks on a Leica M 240? This question is finally answered in my long-awaited Leica M 240 review for street photography. Hit the jump for all the juicy details!

Current Leica Rebates Re-Extended To 04-30-2015

Leica Rebates Extended To March 31, 2015

The current rebates on Leica M bodies and lenses has been extended to April 30, 2015. This rebate was originally supposed to expire in January so you have to wonder why Leica doesn’t just permanently reduce the price of their cameras. Either way you can still save $750 on Leica M bodies (including the aging but wonderous Monochrom). Hit the jump for all the details.

Current Leica Rebates Extended To 03-31-2015, M Monochrom Rebate Added

Leica Rebates Extended To March 31, 2015

There’s been a lot of back and forth with Leica prices over the past week with Leica announcing and then retracting a price increase at the end of January. We’ve been able to confirm that there will be no price increase and that all current Leica rebates plus a new M Monochrom rebate will be in effect until the end of March. Hit the jump for all the details.

Leica M 240 Price Increase – U.S. Customers To Pay $200 More Starting February 1, 2015?

$750 Leica Rebate Extended To 03/31/15

Leica Rumors is reporting a $200 Leica M 240 price increase starting February 1, 2015. The increase kicks in as the current $750 rebate expires making the effective price $950 higher. If you’re in the market for Leica’s flagship rangefinder then now is the time to make your move! Hit the jump for more info.

Partial Leica M-P Upgrade Coming For Existing M 240 Owners?

Leica Rumors is reporting that Leica will allow existing M 240 owners to partially upgrade their cameras to M-P. While the upgrade stops at the cosmetic looks and does not include the larger buffer or frame selector switch it is welcome news for existing M 240 owners who want the stealthy look of the Leica M-P without buying an all-new camera. More info after the jump.

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