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Signed Copies Of Magnum Contact Sheets At The Magnum Store

Magnum Contact Sheets Signed By 12 Photographers

Magnum Contact Sheets is the one book that every street photographer should own and now you can get a signed copy of the 2nd edition at the Magnum Store. The new edition is physically smaller than the original and is signed by 12 Magnum photographers but the $210 price tag might scare some people off. Hit the jump for more info!

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New Photobook: All That Life Can Afford By Matt Stuart

All That Life Can Afford by Matt Stuart

Photo © Matt Stuart

Matt Stuart’s witty vision and keen sense of timing have made him one of the strongest voices in modern street photography. The iN-Public member’s work has been exhibited around the world and his first photobook is finally available for pre-order. We asked Matt a few questions about the process of making his first photobook and how it influenced his work. Hit the jump for the interview!

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StreetShootr’s List Of Lists Of Best Photobooks 2015

StreetShootr's List Of Lists Of The Best Photobooks 2015

Photobooks continue to be a source of inspiration for street photographers around the globe and as the new year approaches it’s time for our annual list of lists of the best photo books 2015. If there’s any money left after Xmas then it’s time to treat yourself to one of the year’s best! Hit the jump for StreetShootr’s list of list of best photobooks 2015!

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Video: Ralph Gibson On How To Make A Photo Book


Street photography often distinguished by its use of the single image to tell a story but photo books contain many images that must work together. Legendary photographer Ralph Gibson talks about how images relate to each other and sheds some light on the process of assembling a book in this short video. He touches on a couple of his own ideas on sequencing images and reminisces about several books he’s been a part of that resonate with him to this day. Great way to spend the next 4 minutes! Hit the jump to watch the video!

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The Decisive Moment Delayed Until Early 2015

The Decisive Moment Henri Cartier Bresson

Photo © Henri Cartier Bresson / Magnum Photo

The first ever reprint of Henri Cartier Bresson’s seminal photobook, The Decisive Moment has been delayed until late February 2015. Steidl (the book’s publisher) cited overwhelming demand for the delay and now expects the book to be available in late February 2015. Hit the jump for more information.

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LBM Dispatch #7: Georgia By Alec Soth Now Available

LBM Dispatch #7: Georgia

Magnum photographer Alec Soth and Brad Zellar have spent the last last 3 years documenting the backroads of rural America while posing as reporters for a fictitious newspaper. Their latest trip took them through Georgia and the work is now available as The LBM Dispatch #7. Hit the jump for more info.

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New Book: Voewood Festival By Martin Parr

Voewood Festival By Martin Parr
Mangnum photographer Martin Parr is internationally recognized as a brilliant satirist of contemporary life and his work often rides the line between objectivity and voyeurism. The social classes of England are front and center in his work so the opportunity to photograph the annual Voewood Festival was a perfect match. Hit the jump for more.

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