David Alan Harvey

Video: David Alan Harvey On Inspiration And The Fuji X Pro2

David Alan Harvey Fuji X Pro2

Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey talks about his lifelong relationship with photography as he shoots in Puerto Rico with a brand spanking new Fuji X Pro2. He’s one of the greatest documentary photographers working today and while he doesn’t say anything specifically about the new flagship Fuji camera you can’t help but be inspired by his words. Hit the jump to watch the video!

David Alan Harvey Workshop Announced For Miami Street Photography Festival

Daivd Alan Harvey Workshop At Miami Street Photography Festival

Magnum Photographer David Alan Harvey will be conducting a 6 day workshop as part of the 2015 Miami Street Photography Festival (MSPF). The workshop puts you face to face with one of the best documentary photographers of our generation and is designed to bring out the author in every student through daily shooting and critique. Hit the jump for more info.

David Alan Harvey TED Talk: Life Is Art

David Alan Harvey Ted Talk

David Alan Harvey’s inspiring TED Talk touches on aspects of his childhood that led him towards a life of photography and it’s a candid look behind the viewfinder of one of the world’s greatest documentary photographers. His conversational speaking style makes his message approachable and endearing and it’d definitely worth a watch. Hit the jump for the full video.

David Alan Harvey Took My Picture At Magnum Days In Provincetown

Photo By David Allen Harvey

When I meet a famous photographer I like to hand them my camera and ask them to take my picture. Anyone can take a picture of someone famous but how many people have a picture of themselves shot by David Alan Harvey? At Magnum Days in Provincetown I managed to get 3 Magnum photographers and 3 workshop students to snap a pic of me and the results might surprise you! Hit the jump for all the pics.

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