Leica Is Giving Away A Leica T (Typ 107) On Instagram

Win a Free Leica T On Instagram

The recent firmware update for the Leica T (Typ 107) vastly improved the operating speed of the camera and to celebrate, Leica is giving the camera away on Instagram. You heard me! Follow @leica_camera on Instagram and post an original image of your favorite design icon with the hastag #FasterT and you’re entered to win $3400 bucks worth of hand polished aluminum goodness. Hit the jump for all the details.

Leica SL Announced, Is World’s Fugliest Mirrorless Camera

Leica SL Is World's Fugliest Mirrorless Camera

Leica’s tradition of excellent craftsmanship and design is responsible for some of the most beautiful and functional cameras on the planet. So when I heard Leica was entering the mirrorless game I was eager to see what they had up there sleeves. And then they released this… Behold! The Leica SL. It’s big. It’s expensive. And it’s fugly as all get out. Hit the jump for more.

Win A Leica M-P Safari Set From Foto Promos

Win A Leica M-P Safari Set From Foto Promos

Foto Promos is giving away a brand new Leica M-P Safari Set and it’s free to enter. The Safari Set features an olive green M-P body and Silver Summicron-M 35mm lens with matching round metal lens hood. Even if you’re not a Leica lover this is $10,000 bucks worth of sexy green camera that can be yours for the low low price of nothing! Hit the jump for more details.

So I Spent $7000 Bucks On A Camera – My Better Late Than Never Leica M 240 Review For Street Photography

Leica M 240 Review Street Photography

I’m not a dentist, or a lawyer. I’m not a style conscious celebrity and I’m definitely not the wife of a wealthy Chinese industrialist. So why the heck did I spend $7000 bucks on a Leica M 240? This question is finally answered in my long-awaited Leica M 240 review for street photography. Hit the jump for all the juicy details!

Bruce Gilden Digital Street Photography On Display In Paris Subway Stations

Bruce Gilden Digital Street Photography

Legendary Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden is well known for prowling the streets of Manhattan with his trust Leica M6 as he waits for the right moment to pop up and flash his subjects. Creating captivating images of people caught between moments as they suddenly realize someone is taking their picture. But his latest project is shot with digital equipment it’s interesting to see how the move to electronic film has affected his image making. Hit the jump for more info.

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