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Martin Parr Does The Republican National Convention

Martin Parr Shoots The Republican National Convention

Magnum photographer Martin Parr is best known for capturing the quirks of British life with his trademark humor and wit. So he might be the last person you’d expect to shoot the Republican National Convention! But his outsider status gives him a unique perspective to document the American political process and the people that power it. Hit the jump to see the pics!

Magnum Square Print Sale – The (More Or Less) Decisive Moments

Magnum Square Print Sale - The (More Or Less) Decisive Moments

The latest Magnum square print sale is now live and it’s a good one! Magnum photographers were asked to select a single image to illustrate their understanding of the decisive moment as popularized by Henri Cartier Bresson. The result is an amazing collection of images from some of the top photographers on the planet and signed prints will only set you back $100 bucks! Hit the jump for more info!

A Kinder, Gentler Bruce Gilden

A Kinder, Gentler Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden is no stranger to controversy. From his in-your-face street portraits to his Two Days In Apalachia which has been called poverty porn, everyone has an opininon on his work and his methodology. But Bruce reveals a kinder, gentler side when the Multistory cameras follow him around West Bram hunting for new subjects for his Face series. He talks about how his background influenced his work and really comes off as a frail human being doing his best to express a personal vision of the world. Hit the jump for the video!

Bruce Gilden Digital Street Photography On Display In Paris Subway Stations

Bruce Gilden Digital Street Photography

Legendary Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden is well known for prowling the streets of Manhattan with his trust Leica M6 as he waits for the right moment to pop up and flash his subjects. Creating captivating images of people caught between moments as they suddenly realize someone is taking their picture. But his latest project is shot with digital equipment it’s interesting to see how the move to electronic film has affected his image making. Hit the jump for more info.

Magnum Photos Adds 6 New Photographers

Magnum Photos Matt Black

Magnum Photos is one of the most prestigious photo agencies in the world and its members read like a who’s who of the photography world. The agency typically chooses one or two photographers each year to become nominees (the first step to becoming a full member of Magnum) but this year named an unprecedented 6 photographers to join the ranks. Hit the jump for more info.

Latest Magnum Square Print Sale Features Images That Changed Everything

Magnum Square Print Sale - Changed Everything

Magnum Photos asked its photographers to reflect on their careers and pick one image that represents a turning point in their lives as image makers. The latest Magnum square print sale features signed images from 50 magnum photographers along with stories describing how each image changed everything. Hit the jump for more info.

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