Magnum MasterClass At Contact 2015 – UPDATED!

Single images are great for conveying the moment but true story tellers look to groups of images to deliver a stronger message. The Magnum Photos Editing Masterclass in Toronto will take your sequencing and story telling skills to the next level with with the help of acclaimed Magnum photographers Michael Christopher Brown, Mark Power, and Larry Towell. Hit the jump for more information on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

David Alan Harvey TED Talk: Life Is Art

David Alan Harvey Ted Talk

David Alan Harvey’s inspiring TED Talk touches on aspects of his childhood that led him towards a life of photography and it’s a candid look behind the viewfinder of one of the world’s greatest documentary photographers. His conversational speaking style makes his message approachable and endearing and it’d definitely worth a watch. Hit the jump for the full video.

Signed Copies Of Songbook By Alec Soth At The Magnum Store

Songbook Alec Soth

Signed copies of Songbook by Alec Soth are now available at the Magnum Store. The new photobook is a pictorial representation of Soth’s LBM Dispatch work documenting rural life in the Southern USA and the connection between the images without the context of news creates a new body of work that’s at once whimsical and sad. This is an amazing body of work and likely one of the best photobooks you’re going to see this year! Hit the jump for more info.

Signed David Alan Harvey Cuba Prints For $125 Shipped

Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey is having a limited time print sale with signed prints from his Cuba series selling for $125 shipped. The archival pigment prints feature 6×9 images on 8.5×11 paper and are being carefully made by his own exhibition printer Michael Courvoisier. Hit the jump for more info.

Video: Steve McCurry On Following Your Nose

Steve McCurry 1 Minute Master Class

Magnum photographer Steve McCurry is best known for his photograph “Afghan Girl” which was featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine and quickly became one of the most famous faces of all time. In this one minute master class video, Steve talks about what it takes to find your next shot and he has excellent advice for street photographers. Hit the jump for the video.

New Magnum Store Features Signed Photo Books, Original Prints And More

Magnum Store

It’s been a busy week over at Magnum Photos with the announcement of the next Square Print Sale and now the launch of their online book store. They’ve got an amazing selection of signed photo books and limited editions so be sure to check it out if you’re looking to add to your own library. Hit the jump for more info.

Magnum Square Print Sale – Signed Magnum Prints For $100 Bucks!

Magnum Square Print Sale

Magnum photographers were asked to dig deep into their archives to find their favorite single image that was unpublished or unnoticed until now. These images are being sold as part of the #ArchiveDive Magnum square print sale where you can own a signed print from your favorite Magnum photographer for a measly $100 bucks! Hit the jump for more info.

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